smail’s heart and soul

as of this writing, the christmas card, which one of my best friends  sent me last year, has not yet reached me. perhaps, it’s still wandering just like its addressee.

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42 in october

i, wandering jouster, have been busy for the month of october! before the 10th month takes a bow, i am able to work on my 42nd article (this article!). i, myself, am surprised to see the number of posts which i did. tsk, tsk, tsk…even in writing my talkativeness shows…ha-ha! Continue reading

thoughtful thoughts

october 8 t0 13 is the final examination week in the college of arts and sciences. for those students who had their last day today, it was a total relief to be done with all these mental gymnastics. it’s time for them to celebrate!

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sputing, alimantak, atbp.

a jousting talk with a blogger friend this afternoon had me coming up with this entry. he mentioned the bikol word “sputing” which i haven’t heard for ages.

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wanna-be celebrity (?)

in THE BEDAN HERALD’S  august 2012 issue, i was given my first taste of  a para-celebrity status in san beda college alabang. my photo where i was wearing the muslim attire last august 30 (related story at got published.

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the link

i am in the middle of finishing my powerpoint presentation for a grammar lesson in my communication skills class tomorrow when my youngest son started singing the filipino folksong which they presented in the “sayawit contest” in their school  last week.

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