dart attack

general housecleaning would often rejoin me with items which made me thankful that i was not afflicted with compulsive hoarding disorder in spite of undergoing difficulties in discarding them.

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my twins’ long road

one level down, more to go for my twins.

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i am a LIFE racer!

after a hiatus from running for almost a month now, i am ready to do a serious reconditioning of myself for my first race in april.

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conquering acrophobia

this is one entry where i had to unravel another side of wandering jouster.

Wandering Jouster

i am like mcgyver (know him at https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/10/03/missing-angus/ ).

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“royal” runner 2

among my three sons, it is the younger twin who has shown great interest in sports.

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when wj gets the ball rolling

are you familiar with tasmanian devil or taz of the looney tunes series?

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