of then and now

yesterday is the official start of my twins’ summer break.

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fishy chatter

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ang pangalang lustre at mediavillo

the last but not the least substory to tell today is my finding picture frames in one of the boxes which i was able to check out just yesterday while looking for old clothes.

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when wj gets the ball rolling

are you familiar with tasmanian devil or taz of the looney tunes series?

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a roller coaster mind travel

bicol university pilot elementary school (bupes) is where i was graduated in 1982. this is located at rizal street, daraga albay. this is the very school where my dream of becoming a teacher  took form.

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the link

i am in the middle of finishing my powerpoint presentation for a grammar lesson in my communication skills class tomorrow when my youngest son started singing the filipino folksong which they presented in the “sayawit contest” in their school  last week.

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