The Sili Ice Cream Challenge: Who’s Hotter?

Time has a marvelous way of showing us what really matters.

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My Guided Wanderings: Sequel 2

“Let me see if tomorrow will set my mood on fire for My Guided Wanderings: Sequel 2…”

My ‘tomorrow’ has been perfectly set ablaze to narrate my going home to Bicol last October 5!

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mayon 360° 2014: where beauties and beasts abound

my sister nano called me “kapay” (insane). i cockily called myself and the rest of those who defied distance and the blazing heat of the sun “oragon” (the very best) when we ran around the world’s perfect-coned volcano last april 5. 

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*turuparan para makatabang

i relish life’s little surprises.

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the irresistible appeal

i love the great outdoors for this is where i get to commune with nature. 

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spot the pot that tops

this steamy pottery making scene became the iconic romantic love moment from the movie “ghost”.

 (click the video link    pottery making scene from “ghost”)

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i’ve been feeling this kind of dreariness  for the past days. 

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bru’s sweet pampering

it’s been almost a week since i have returned from my hometown, yet i still have this hangover.  smile14.gif (4340 bytes) Continue reading