Manila Fame Boutique Edition: My Mercurial Journey Across Islands

April was a certified full month for me.

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Manila Fame 2015: A Magnificent Potpourri of Ethnicity

The personal invite from Imelda Dado-Moratillo, AIM Handicrafts manager and my good friend/batchmate/kumare, to go to the Manila Fame (The Design and Lifestyle Event) 2015 at SMX Convention Center on October 15-18 was what I perfectly needed to fight the onslaught of stress. 

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slice of life: revisited

this sunday, september 8, the town where i spent a very exciting and unforgettable childhood will have its fiesta celebration in honor of its patron saint, our lady of the gate

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spot the pot that tops

this steamy pottery making scene became the iconic romantic love moment from the movie “ghost”.

 (click the video link    pottery making scene from “ghost”)

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bru’s sweet pampering

it’s been almost a week since i have returned from my hometown, yet i still have this hangover.  smile14.gif (4340 bytes) Continue reading

day 3: vici

I CONQUERED a  paradise-like place in my province two hours before i left legazpi city on may 5, sunday.  Continue reading

viva sto. nino!

january 18-20 is pista ng sto. nino at san beda college alabang. this is one of the highlights of the ruby celebration anniversary in this institution and i am again lucky to be a part of it.

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ang pangalang lustre at mediavillo

the last but not the least substory to tell today is my finding picture frames in one of the boxes which i was able to check out just yesterday while looking for old clothes.

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