Meet WJ

I am a traveler on earth.
I enjoy mobility.
I am a deviant.
I am a combatant in this asphalt jungle.
Life is my extremely powerful nemesis as it delivers tests and trials which I have to bravely joust against. 
The genesis of Wandering Jouster is rooted on my desire to be consistently transparent. Personally, I believe I need a soapbox where I can express my opinions and emotions — joy, faith, trust, sadness, fear, anger, and pain. Thus, this is where I will unravel a lot about me. 
I warmly welcome you to my world as I use the power of the written words. 
Join me now and find sweet pleasure in my wanderings from my native Bicol soil to a myriad of destinations a jouster would audaciously conquer. Prepare and arm yourself well for you do not know what awaits yonder.



WJ Logo Draft Design: Alexander Mediavillo Gines
WJ Logo Final Design: Christine Mediavillo Bernardino

13 thoughts on “Meet WJ

      1. Yay that was quick! It took me 3 weeks to finally come up with an acceptance and you did it in less than 24 hours, you are definitely and athlete in every way hehe.
        Sharing is caring and I believe that’s how most community work best 😉 Congrats and thank you for accepting 🙂 I’ll be checking out your nominations in a bit! 🙂


  1. i guess i drew inspiration from your nomination, missus v. to add, i almost patterned my entry after yours (i hope you won’t mind) lest my nomination would be forfeited for NFD (not following directions). hahahahaha…this is my first, thus i really don’t know how to go about it. without your guidance/format, i would have not done this ASAP. hehehehe.

    hmmm…i think it’s more of the teacher in me. haha!

    i agree. we belong to the same community and i am glad that i felt the warm acceptance and welcome in so short a time.



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