About WJ

warrior, fighter, amazon, and jouster…
these were the words which i chose from to be described by  ‘wandering’. taking a few minutes to decide, i finally picked jouster.

why jouster?

i have considered myself as a combatant in this asphalt jungle always wanting to rise as the victor. LIFE is my invisible nemesis as it continues to deliver trials and challenges. i need to survive so i need to fight.

why wandering?

i am a traveler on earth. i enjoy mobility. i am a deviant.
the genesis of WANDERING JOUSTER  is rooted on my desire to be consistently transparent of what i feel. likewise, i need a soapbox where i can express my opinions on varied themes and issues. thus, this is where i will unravel a lot about the inner “ME”. 
i am a full-blooded bicolana, but became an adopted daughter of manila in 1986. born as the youngest daughter among six children in 1969, i consider myself lucky to belong to a very colorful generation. i love to do a lot of things in my life and my main objective is to be simply happy and content. 
i welcome you to my world as i use the power of words. 

have the privilege in digging into

 my heart,

 my mind,






13 thoughts on “About WJ

  1. i guess i drew inspiration from your nomination, missus v. to add, i almost patterned my entry after yours (i hope you won’t mind) lest my nomination would be forfeited for NFD (not following directions). hahahahaha…this is my first, thus i really don’t know how to go about it. without your guidance/format, i would have not done this ASAP. hehehehe.

    hmmm…i think it’s more of the teacher in me. haha!

    i agree. we belong to the same community and i am glad that i felt the warm acceptance and welcome in so short a time.



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