Matryoshka Dolls: A Brazen Defiance

I am an impulsive buyer.

This is one fact about me which I am not proud of. A clear manifestation of my irrational thinking, this negative trait has to be stopped. And I. did. try. very. very. hard. 
Assessing myself now, I would say that I had achieved a favorable degree of control over this unreasonable buying since last year. Did the varying (but confusing and annoying!) quarantine guidelines about shopping malls operation have to do with it? Unquestionably, YES and frankly it did me good. *winks* Minus the traditional shopping, our monthly budget became safe… until… surprise, surprise! I also shifted to online shopping in my search for kokeshi due to this pandemic. My willpower was again tested, and I resisted the enticement. Yet, I was vanquished once more. Why shouldn’t I be if I’d be seeing uber gorgeous dolls like these? 
Image source: Catherine Climaco
These are Russian nesting or matryoshka dolls. I’m familiar with them since I had my first two sets before; however, I gave them to a former student to grant her longtime wish and free myself from the temptation of starting another collection
But, alas! The sight of these uniquely-designed ten-piece matryoshkas/matryoshki obliterated whatever self-restraint I had already developed and had shielded myself from the lure of a new “vice.” Waaaaaaaaaa!!!! Without wasting any nanosecond that morning of August 22, I contacted the seller and did not regret my decision of being emotionally unsound for the umpteenth time. Hahahaha…
From the first exchange of messages up to the delivery of the dolls the next day, it was absolutely a purchase to remember. 
Exquisite. Authentic. Iconic. These are descriptors which can become interminable in painting these dolls. And ohhhhh! I love the scent of the wood! It’s no wonder that Ms. Catherine Climaco had second thoughts on selling them. Good that I was fast (but not furious)! *e-laughs* I sent the Php500 ($10.04) via GCash right away. Based on my experience, rare finds like these which are affordably priced wouldn’t take long to be sold. Luck and speed were truly at work that day. I’m grateful. Furthermore, I was blessed for doing business with a very professional, intellectual, cordial, and appreciative seller like Miss Catherine. Meeting her through these dolls was an extraordinary experience for me. 

Initially eyeing these matryoshki for a different purpose, I had a change of heart which was underpinned by Miss Catherine. Being one-of-a-kind, they have to be kept, cherished and multiplied just like my original babies. 

At the moment, I can hear the echoing celebratory laugh of my captor — IB (impulsive buying).  

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