Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Running!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been in an on-again-off-again relationship with running.

I’ve repeated this cycle for reasons which I cited in my previous article.
For the past days, I’ve welcomed any opportunity and creative means of “wooing” my so-called running talisman so I could go back to one of my recreations. Effective poke was my three sons’ honest-to-goodness feedback as regards my weight gain. They pointed out the foremost indicator which was my siopao (steamed bun)-like face. Ha-ha! Hence, I assured them that I’d go back to my running right after submitting the final grades during the second semester. It did not happen. Toink! My boys noticed that a month had already passed and nothing had changed in my daily routine. They articulated it and made me feel guilty and embarrassed for not acting on my words. *ahem* So when the month of July began, I revisited a couple of my stories about my running in this blog. It made me feel more guilty and embarrassed but it helped. 
This was my second run in July which led me to a fresh track in Zapote River Drive. It’s part of the government’s Build, Build, Build project which had me silently deciding whether I should really thank this present administration or the Villars for my new playground. *eye rolls*
I covered 14.13 km on that day; however, I failed to find out where the newly constructed road stops. My spirit of inquiry became responsible for my July 10 run even though the real intention of these projects has been an open secret in our country. *sighs*
Consequently, these two runs were enough to resuscitate my dormant muscles. I could feel it, thus a week after, I saw another window to do more running. A huge “Thank You” to the scheduled 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) of my son at A1 Alabang Town Center (ATC)! I eyed Filinvest City for my run to leverage my waiting time from 2:00-7:00 pm. This new LTO requirement for student permit application has been divided into a five-hour session per day. So, this means a three-day training for me. I plotted a two-hour run per day which kicked off on July 13. 

Hmmm…Nothing much has changed at Filinvest except for several blocked roads due to the quarantine status. Being an introvert solo runner, I freely explored the open familiar course. 

It was a worthwhile afternoon. I commended myself for my 13.34 km distance and later on claimed my simple reward. 


On July 14, the heat index was high. I did not whine while walking from ATC parking lot to Filinvest at 2:30 pm just like what I did the first day. I’ve realized that I missed the scorching sun glaring down on me. Welcome back, tan lines! 
Does my smile bare my soul? 
This is always a tangible end result upon accomplishing what I’ve set my mind on. But, does my post-run combination of dishes display the same evidence of gratification? Outlandish, eh? Hahahaha…


On the third day, which was also my son’s last TDC session, I imagined myself as an eager beaver. Unexpectedly, July 15 run was nixed due to an emergency errand. On the other hand, I considered the task a saving grace due to the erratic weather later that afternoon. Veritably, it’s still a justification to be cheerful which I predicted extending up to the coming days while I hit the road incognito. 

3 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Running!

  1. That is one awesome inspiring run, plus a great delicious treat. Hiked today too. I thought I’m not gonna make it but I was able to finish it. Son was with me & friends. Next hike is 2 wks from now. Exercise and Nature, perfect healthy anti-stress. Happy weekend.

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    1. Huge thanks for your generous compliments and congratulations on finishing your hike. Sounds super fun and priceless since you’re with your son and friends. I love hiking too. Lucky you for communing with nature thru exercise. This is what we have been missing here in the Philippines since the pandemic.

      I had a happy weekend. Hope you too. Thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I heard it’s so strick there but also it’s probably one of the people had been kept safe as compared to U.S., India and Brazil. Realistically, countries with less financial support and means will find it hard to beat this demon pandemic once it has spread. Stay safe my friend. This virus is not going anywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

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