A Baker’s Slow Evolution

I still had 12 days to go before commemorating my acquisition of my amateurish baker’s skills, but my impatience got the better of me yesterday. Hahahaha. 

Or perhaps it was boredom that prodded me to check how much improvement I have achieved in baking.
Without delay, I gathered all the needed ingredients for chocolate cupcakes. It didn’t take long preparing the batter and pouring them into the cupcake paper liners. 
Referring to the same shared recipe of my niece, I was pumped up to see how my cupcakes would look after doing my second attempt in February when I also tried banana cupcakes.
The timer ended my curiosity. Its sound was magical!
Satisfied with their appearance, I let them completely cool in the pan (unlike in my second attempt) while I prepared the frosting. Yes, I learned how to do the coating so that the four bottles of sprinkles which my hubby sent me wouldn’t just expire somewhere in the cupboard. 
After this step, I proceeded to adding the candy sprinkles.
And then transfer them to a container for chilling.
Now, I have seven cupcakes where I added cashew nuts and raisins to have my son’s and my preferred variety. Initially, I was planning not to have frosting on them but changed my mind since I still have enough icing. Besides, we all liked the visual effect of the sprinkles on them.

Yay! No more requests for dessert delivery yesterday. Everything was on me gratis. 

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