Regaling the Insatiable

Pwersadora. Persistent. Stubborn. 

My deceased Mother’s fav word to describe me echoed in my mind as I braved the inclement weather to Silang, Cavite late afternoon of June 9. Reasons? I’d go kokeshi doll hunting and personally pick the dolls which I bought online but had not yet been delivered to me. A side trip would be to buy buko pie which was my companion’s request. Hahahaha…
Driving through SLEX and Sta. Rosa Laguna provided a view of the conspicuous changes that took place in the once-bustling establishments in the south. My son and I  did not miss the number of closed shops. As we passed by them, I became curious if the two Japanese Surplus Stores which I’d be visiting suffered the same fate as these businesses which were tremendously affected by the pandemic. I readied myself. 

The sight of the big signage made me heave a sigh of relief and elicited a wide cattish smile. Here, I eagerly expected more choices of kokeshi at a lower price compared to what I’ve recently purchased.

From Kathleen Ann Margaret P.’s shop

From Maikee De Leon’s shop

From Charlie Mendoza Jr.’s shop (my second time)

From Vilma Santiago Palileo’s shop

I should know. I was here two years ago. 

It did not take long to pick what I wanted. The design is always the first consideration every time I buy a kokeshi. The price is next. 

I was very satisfied with my great finds. Their total amount is equivalent or lower than an exceptional doll in the Marketplace and  Kokeshi Village
With my new set of dolls and the heavy downpour easing up, I was already hesitant in looking for Jayson Japan Surplus where I’d claim my paid kokeshi so we could start heading home lest it rained again. Well, this would only happen once we had bought buko pie. So, we headed toward Tagaytay City for it and after more than a kilometer, I saw this! 
My son was as victorious as I was in locating the store. He joined me in entering the spacious shop, and I immediately looked for Sir Jayson. My contact came out and I introduced myself. He returned to the room and reappeared with the items that I bought through his page. Meeting him in person made me realize that I was actually dealing with someone much younger.
Jayson was attentive, charismatic and cordial. And so with his Mom whom I first encountered upon entering the shop. With my unannounced visit, Jayson mentioned that he was about to post new items for sale which included several kokeshi. He showed them to me and without a second thought I knew I had to bring home these additional beauteous dolls. What a perfect timing it was! *e-laughs*
For your information, dear readers, Jayson’s kokeshi dolls would sell like hotcakes. You’d be super lucky if you were online by the time his items were out so you could be the first “Miner.”  
That Saturday trip was all worth it despite being stuck in traffic for almost an hour in Daang Hari due to flooded streets. The mere thought of unboxing and welcoming these new dolls had me forgetting all about impatience. 
Evidently, my search for new kokeshi dolls is still unquenchable. I’m grateful that I have met these sellers who are partly responsible in gratifying this unexplainable passion. But that revisit to Silang, Cavite ended my online purchase especially after receipt of this batch on June 10. In contrast to what I acquired from the two surplus stores, these dolls didn’t fit the mold of my expectations. 

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