Taking the Hard Road to Nirvana

This pandemic has given many of us a 180-degree turn in our daily routines and livelihood.

The more creative and innovative one is, he or she would have this protective cloak against anxiety, stress, sleep disruptions, and grief. I believe I’m no different from these individuals who continued or rekindled their passion or discovered a novel diversion to “normally” exist in this COVID-19 era. 
On my part my kokeshi collecting rose to crescendo this quarantine. I became a suki of two online sellers,
and found some exotic-looking dolls in newfound internet entrepreneurs. 
In this second wave of hunting for kokeshi though, I experienced the downside of online shopping as these items were a big disappointment in actual. From undeclared flaws and right measurements to missing parts and marred authenticity of the kokeshi due to varnish application, it dawned on me that this hobby would equate to taking a risk — that of not getting your money’s worth. The decision of returning the dolls to the seller would be impractical for it would inconvenience both parties. In addition, I would again shoulder the shipping fee. No way! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggh!
And because of these, I had to cope with the aftermath of a deceit. You see, kokeshi online buying is always a trust issue for me. Nonetheless, two outcomes made up for these unpleasant encounters and had me finally charging it to experience and moving on.
First was finding more dolls that were in my book. It gave me a sense of fulfillment as a collector.  
Second was making a fusion of my succulents and mini kokeshi dolls. 
This design paved the way to a higher level of exuberance. 
Successfully growing and propagating these plants indoor surprisingly proved that I am a green thumb and not a green-mind (-ed) person. *coy e-laughs* Hmmm… With the presence of a kokeshi doll on each pot, I wonder if this were a first so that I could perhaps have this patented someday.  

Apparently the visual beauty and bliss, which my kokeshi and succulents provide, has somewhat shortened the distance towards my own nirvana. It’s a tough path, but believe me when I say that I’d soon set foot in this idyllic place. 

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