April Fur-ty

I’ve never thought that my 52nd natal day was bound to be different.

Por que?
My second quarantine birthday, just like what the other celebrators here in our country have, literally became an animal party! Hahahaha…
Yup, my fur babies kept me company and had a toast with me!
They were willing substitutes for my busy sons (except for my eldest who captured these unprecedented moments). 
From singing Happy Birthday to Me down to blowing the candles on my cake, Scout, Reyna, and Cloud were my attentive house fur-ty guests. Had our fourth dog, Biggs, been tolerant of these three hounds, he could have also joined the merrymaking. 
Not a party animal (now that’s the idiom), I may turn into one if this private shindig with my dogs becomes routinary. 

Oh, dear Lord! I profusely thank you for the gift of LIFE and most especially the gift of dogs. Without question, your beautiful furry creations have brought heavenly joys as we continue our struggle in this pandemic which has become a test of one’s sanity. 

3 thoughts on “April Fur-ty

  1. Happy Birthday . Thanks for sharing the joy and smiles on such an important occasion. Recently turned 50 & second Bday covid time. Kind of got used to it and celebrated it with my new normal. Happy weekend.

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    1. Ola! Thanks for this birthday wish and for camping out in my site. 😱Belated Happy Birthday to you too.

      Yes, it’s the new normal now. We just have to be creative in commemorating our birthday.😁

      Hmmm. Kinda curious why I was no longer directed to your original blog.Thanks again.

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      1. Thanks . My blog is still the same, I think because I didn’t renew the paid one Word Press one and just kept the old free one. Also change the picture heading and the page story. So much has changed that it has to change as well.

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