Not *Waiting for Godot

At last you are now in my possession!

And I ain’t complaining for the delay. In my mind I could say over and over again this tweaked memorable dialog of Hawkeye from The Last of the Mohicans: “No matter how long it takes…I will wait for you!” 
Another exotic beauty which I’ve held in my hand, this Melbourne Marathon 2020 medal took me to seventh heaven and wiped out whatever exhaustion I had from teaching 4.5 hours straight yesterday.  
To the Melba organizers especially Olivia of Melba Marathon Festival, my heartfelt gratitude for accommodating all my queries and shipping this newest entitlement. Running the marathon was one of my coping strategies and the unrivaled experience I had on December 13, 2020 made me temporarily forget how depressing this pandemic is. 

Again from the Philippines, Maraming Maraming Salamat! Wishing and praying that I’ll be running the real thing in the future…

*Waiting for Godot 

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