The Badge

In a couple of articles here I have confessed that I love dressing up.

It is for this reason that I’d regularly (or should I say impulsively) buy clothes and store them which sometimes sink into oblivion later on. If you consider this as a hoarding disorder, I’ll oppose it. If you consider this as a vice, I’ll partly accept it for I’m blameworthy.

Conversely, this pandemic had slightly broken this foible. I wouldn’t call this health crisis a blessing in disguise though for I may receive a public backlash just like our country’s Health Secretary Francisco Duque III. *eye rolls* Yet, due to this natural catastrophe which  brought about quarantine guidelines, this bad habit has reached a lull. How come? From the time we’ve been having virtual classes, my self-expression of clothing has been a little constricted. This resulted to my not anymore visiting the mall or my favorite shop. To add discovering unworn clothes when I spring-cleaned my cabinet was perfect to turn a new leaf. 
Of course, I still glam up for Zoom by wearing light make-up and long big accessories especially earrings.
But, the feeling is not the same when you are 100% sputing (dress to the nines) with your well-coordinated footwear and bag. Besides, there’s no corridor in our house which I could transform into a catwalk fancifully. Hahaha.
Frankly, I am missing one of these whimsies when I’ve dolled up. And it seems I am not the only one who feels the same way. Funnily enough, I have been tagged in an FB post and have been receiving private messages since May 2020 from my former students who expressed their own “melancholic longing.”
I didn’t expect that amidst this stress-inducing pandemic, I would suddenly pop up in their minds. 
Well, I do go for maxi skirts and scarfs but without floral design. They’re just so feminine and butterflies may swarm toward me. Hehehe. 
I’ll acknowledge that this starter pack, which these thoughtful students came across, was somewhat evocative of my style. So, I deeply thank them for these messages that brought entertainment and cheer in these rough times.

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