Therapeutic Catharsis

Year 2020 may be one of those years that we’d rather forget. 

With all the shocking, depressing, and world-shifting events that had taken place so far, how I wished that a “year freeze” could have been possible to shield us from more worst moments. 
Why this somber tone in my preceding statements?
It’s been fourteen days since the passing away of one of our cherished pet dogs — Leone.
Due to his old age he developed renal failure. This was the very same disease that caused the death of our only female hound, Freia. Both of them left us in the same month with a three-day and three-year difference. 
Really, November 14 was a dreadful day especially for me who alone buried him early in the morning so that my three sons would no longer see him lifeless. Our beloved living stuffed toy, Leone gave us immeasurable joy in his unique ways for more than 10 years. 
To counteract the downheartedness that Saturday, I decided to break the usual schedule which I’ve set for decorating our house for Christmas. I did not want to wait for December 1 anymore. So right after a quick lunch, I quietly went to the stockroom and unboxed the holiday ornaments which I believe would uplift my mood. 

It was a therapeutic catharsis which ended past midnight. If I were exhausted, I did not show it as I checked on the result of my fast-paced work.  

Partly assisted by my eldest son who clearly understood the need for this emotional release, I achieved the kind of rescue that I wanted. Inarguably, nobody can refute the extramundane effect of the colors of Christmas. 
Credit for these two photos: Arthur M. Gines
Thank you, Leone, for making me put these Christmas decorations up early. I knew you had also sensed how we humans had been struggling in surviving these tough times. Despite missing you, I could continue smiling now as our home became celebratory and comforting again. 

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