Today, I crossed a city in the south to grant two birthday celebrators’ simple request.  

This trip from Las Piñas City to Parañaque City terrifically resulted to dealing with my cravings. Uh-uh, I’m not up the duff. *eye rolls*
Ta-da! Here are Mama Lou’s iced tea, basil infused in a mason jar, and mushroom chicharon (originally, a dish prepared by deep-frying the dried pork rind with a little salt.)
They were what I’ve missed for months due to quarantine restrictions. Hence, while waiting for my carryout which was the foremost reason for my personally going to our most favored Italian diner, I saw a 30-minute window to satisfy my taste buds. 
Two carafes in half an hour! Looked like I was getting drunk off with iced tea, but my facial expression said otherwise. Bwahahaha.


What an unforgivable inordinate craving for this sugary drink! If I’d find it difficult to sleep tonight, it would be a big mea culpa. 

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