O Liberty, My Liberty!

The 2020 US Presidential Elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

Now, what does it have to do with me when I am not one of those voters who are dying to boot out Donald Trump from the White House? (In hindsight, I would be joining the pro-Democrats’ call if I were a US citizen. Hehehe…) 
Well, I just had a banter with my husband who reminded me that it was under Trump’s administration when I was issued my US visa to run TCS NYCM (Tata Consultancy Services New York City Marathon) in 2018. This made me laugh, and at the same time remembered that my US visit two years ago coincided with the midterm elections on November 6.
Dear readers, I won’t be political in today’s blog article for politics is not my cup of tea. You see, this US election fever finally led me to write about another sterling experience — seeing the universal symbol of freedom up close.
Ruthie sure knew what I was raring to see when I visited US. If we were not invited to tour the UN Headquarters in the morning of November 12 (early morning of November 13 was my flight back to the Philippines), this Statue Cruise would have culminated my trip with the loudest bang. Beyond question, Jeff and Ruthie gave a serious thought of my itinerary after the marathon. 
When Jeff drove us to Liberty State Park in New Jersey where the Statue Cruise would depart, my second to the last day to commune with Ruthie was another occasion to be endlessly grateful for our friendship and sisterhood. 
Thus, I animatedly waited for our turn to board the cruise ship. 
First disembarkation was on Ellis Island. Here we were given a unique view of American history. My entering the National Museum of Immigration was like a time travel with the early immigrants. 
The artifacts, pictures, and films would even provide the answer to why a lot of  immigrants, Filipinos included, look at the US as the land of milk and honey. 
I couldn’t remember how long we stayed on Ellis Island, but Ruthie had me tasting the burger and coffee there. The latter was very much needed to thwart the cold temperature on the island.
Return to the ship increased my elation of eventually meeting Lady Liberty.
Ruthie could sense it, and she was ready for any actions that might transpire on Liberty Island. Knowing me for 33 years had already exposed her to the zaniest thing that I could do. May be…just may be… if I jumped into the waters of New York Harbor, she would no longer be shocked, but would focus the camera on me to save that episode. Hahahaha…
You could have seen my face while keying in this narrative. My smile hasn’t left my lips just recalling how Ruthie became my scriptwriter/director/videographer/photographer while I feasted my eyes on Lady Liberty, fell madly in love (a hyperbole), and be intimate with her. 
Evidently, we did not have access to the monument or to the crown, but it didn’t matter to me any more. To see Lady Liberty in all her glory was already a golden opportunity. Whoa, this rhymed!


Adding to this incredible chapter of my life was a visit to Empty Sky, the official New Jersey September 11 memorial. 

It was here where Ruthie’s Midas touch was at work to wind up our day’s affair, and to capture my nirvana paradoxical it would seem. 


No picture here was Photoshopped.

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