Week Catalysts

Midterm week triggers the cycle of stress in my educator’s life. 

Despite facing routinary tasks, I would still find myself jousting with these mental and emotional strains. Surprisingly, the more vicious they are, the braver I become. Thus, I would triumph in quashing my nemeses. 
Such was the case a week ago. I had a face off with my invisible foes again. And yes, I prevailed over them in my chosen arena.


A well-missed route for more than a year, this handed me my longest mileage so far after resuming my running in September. Originally set to be a 10-km run in the afternoon, I found myself extending it to early evening which worked in my favor. 
My covered kilometer reduced the 250-k accumulated distance of the virtual run that I have registered in.
It was a personal accomplishment worthy of a treat when I arrived home. Hahahaha.

How I wish though that I could privately celebrate with some “individuals” whom I acknowledged as the catalysts in making me achieve this feat that day. 

First were the four kokeshi dolls which I purchased a day before my run. 
Their fresh looks were given a red carpet in our “family.”
Second were these “kins” whom I encountered along my way that Sunday, October 18.
What a delightful sight to behold!
Always a source of my smile and sometimes envy because of their pristine paradisal innocence, these maus served as my water breaks from Daang Reyna to San Pedro, Laguna. 
Of course, these kokeshi and felines would never know the huge role they played in my life to overcome the negative energy. An affirmation of how powerful the Law of Attraction is, my encounter with them will always be real magic.

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