Enigmatic Allure

Daylight flaunted the enchanting beauty of Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar to the naked eye.

Darkness bared its enigmatic allure when we took off with our fluvial adventure in Umagol River at 8:00 pm. 
Hop on the raft and be with us as we delve into the mysticism of this sprawling property in the north.
Destination: Isla Tres
This elicited oh’s and ah’s when we’re able to take a closer look at the tiled mosaic murals there. Created painstakingly by Filipino artisans, these artistic works sensitively reflect our Philippine culture. 
Then, we entered Casa San Juan. It challenged our wild imagination the moment we began exploring this antique house which Paeng and I secretly called Bahay ni Consuelo (Consuelo’s house).  
We all turned silent especially when Pogs reacted to the goosebumps which he got on his arms. I’m telling you, we would never forget this casa not only because of its amazing interior and furniture, but the creeps which we all felt while touring it. Now, widen your eyes and check if you see something paranormal in this photo. Booooo!!! Happy Halloween in September! Ha-ha. 
Leaving Isla Tres, we completed the one-hour balsa cruise around the property which reminded me of the gondola rides in Venice. Here we passed by the other available elegant casas at the resort.
Retiring to our respective rooms at past 9:30 pm, I started my bedtime ritual. However, being alone in that palatial room was a test of my Gabriela Silang upbringing. Hahaha. Honestly, our eerie experience in Consuelo’s house and all the tales which we heard triggered my nighttime fear as a child. Huhuhu.
To steady my nerves, I had to do a rewind of the fluvial stroll. And yes, it was done under the blanket! *echoing e-laughs*

The soothing touch of the evening breeze, the light water laps in the river, and the fascinating sight of the different casas were reasons enough to halt my childhood fear of the dark and stamp Las Casas a certified stunner anytime of the day!

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