I Ran, Not Hid

Pavlovian conditioning has been proven effectual in realizing any goal that I set my mind on. 

Coupled with locus of control, I’ll rightfully be trajectory-directed. 
So how did this classical conditioning work for me this time?
I saw this in one of the emails sent by Pinoy Fitness which I subscribe to. A milk tea junkie, I assigned this as the external stimulus which will make me hit the road again after a layoff. 
A free virtual run which promises the first 50 finishers with a 300-peso off in their 800-peso minimum order of Affinitea milk tea, it lured me. I immediately registered and primed myself for my initial run to accomplish the accumulated 21km. 
Late afternoon of September 5, Saturday, I found myself striding at River Drive, the most accessible running hub to me. 
I completed 5.67km by going around a 1.2+-km loop just right behind the village for four times. It was a good start to regain my muscles strength and get back my cardio endurance after taking a long break
September 6, Sunday, I laced my shoes once more for a back-to-back run. This time I decided to do it on a familiar route; however, it’s my first attempt to traverse it by foot. 
With my slower pace, I surprisingly finished 7.39km in 59 mins and 56 secs which made me wonder whether my Strava Apps was working properly.
Submitting the proof of my completed distance, I began “salivating” upon seeing that the targeted total mileage where I registered in was near completion. 
So on September 8, Tuesday, I could feel that my leg muscles were raring to be in action. I scheduled it as my last run for this Affinitea (which I mistook as Infinitea…hahaha) Virtual Run.
Running on the same path, I hit the needed distance to earn my first badge. 
I congratulated myself  especially when I received an sms informing me that I qualified for the 300-peso gift certificate. Yay! I may no longer avail of it now since I have stopped drinking this sugar-laden beverage, yet it’s a big factor in making me resume running. *e-laughs*
Thanks to another free virtual run, the Grandparents’ Day Run, I am about to earn my second badge after accomplishing a total of 15.36km in another back-to-back run on September 12 and 13. 
Same route, yet better level of intensity…better performance. 

Continually a lone wolf even if the “sun goes down on me,” I’m certain that I’ve granted what my heart and body truly desire. 

September 5, Saturday
September 6, Sunday
September 8, Tuesday

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