My Beloved Yeast

Family motivation keeps me going and going just like the Energizer Bunny.

That being the case, they were my chosen recipients/food tasters yesterday when I baked my banana loaf bread with nuts, raisins, and choco chips. 
In the morning I baked for my older sister Cristy. 
Last week I inquired when she’d be reporting to her office in Parañaque City. When she informed me that it’s on August 19, I promised to let her taste my baked goodies including the banana loaf bread. Thanks to Grab delivery, everything reached her on time. And this is what she pm’d me. 

Message 1: They said it’s delicious. Our managers ate.

Message 2: Yummy. They’re like food for the gods. Ty.

Message 3: Our President liked it very much. 

All these praises warmed the cockles of my neophyte baker’s heart. This set me in a good mood late afternoon when I baked for my older brother, Joseph, who’s just a 25-minute drive away from us. 
Alas! The freshly baked loaves duplicated what I sent my sister. This is what I call fair spirit of siblinghood!
I immediately communicated with Joseph and asked what time he’d be home so I could have it delivered too by Grab. Before 5:30 pm one loaf reached him and his daughter while the other one was left for us. 
Upon receipt of the banana loaf bread, my brother posted his documentation and reactions in our family GC.

Message 1: Looks delicious. Moist.

Message 2: (An interjection of joy in the Philippines)

Message 3: Very good. 

These were inspiring words that energized me until I did my last baking job for our dinner.

Another newly googled recipe — baked salmon with garlic
As my sons and I partook in this dish, no one could tell that I had a busy day in the kitchen.👩🏻‍🍳
Frankly, if it’s for my loved ones, I can do unlimited baking the whole day, week, and perhaps months. A hyperbole, eh? Hahahahaha…

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