Wandering into the Unexplored

I celebrated my baking journey weeksary yesterday!

What better way to commemorate it but to bake another recipe for beginners! Hahahaha. 
A round of applause please for my first super moist brownies!
By the look of it, I could tell that I did bake a brownie. Even my niece Christine complimented its palatable appearance. I smiled satisfactorily, but I wondered whether it’s really super moist. 
With her handwritten recipe which she sent me last week, I had already gained a reasonable amount of confidence in following it. 
I specifically remembered to grease the pan properly so that I wouldn’t encounter the same stickiness. 
And the waiting was over!
I successfully removed it from the baking dish! Yee-haw!!! 
However, in this top-view shot you can see that the left side broke.  I was very careful in getting it out of the dish in one piece, but  perhaps my elation got the better of me. 
In any case, this baking fail did not diminish my rejoicing. I felt a sense of victory for addressing my previous errors in greasing and burning the bottom of the cake even though the texture wasn’t in the superlative. 
A delayed dessert for dinner, it was something that satisfied our family’s sweet tooth and completed our evening.

Hmmmmm… Lemme see if there will be another week of baking and wandering in this new world ahead of me. 

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