The Desirable Substitute

My three sons have been pizza lovers ever since I can remember.

One of them wouldn’t even mind whatever brand it is as long as it’s P-I-Z-Z-AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
He has been begging me to learn how to bake this Italian invention, but to this day, baking is something which I still have to learn while in quarantine. Hehehe. Good thing, I have this home-made pizza substitute — their all-time favorite finger food. It’s easy and fast to cook. Even non-fans of cooking may try this as their first attempt at becoming a “chef.” I’ve already made this for two consecutive weeks. So let me share to you this very simple recipe which was also taught to me by a dear friend/kumare, who also enjoys cooking for her loved ones.
Ham and Cheese Canapés
  • 2 loaves* of bread
  • 2 packs of cooked ham
  • 1 box of cheddar cheese
  • 2 pieces of green bell pepper
  • 2 pieces of red bell pepper
  • mayonnaise
Ooops…The wax paper is not part of the ingredients. Hahaha. You’ll know what that is for later.
I keyed in ‘loaves*’ this way since you have to prepare first the bread by removing all their sides (Return to the very first photo.)
Afterwards, flatten each piece of bread. (If you have no rolling pin, wine bottle, drinking glass, and beverage can are three of the effective alternatives.)
Once you’re done you can now slice all the other ingredients.
For the wax paper slice…er… cut it into rectangular shapes.
With all these prepared, you are just a few steps from your canapé.
1. Apply a thin layer of mayonnaise on the bread.
2. Arrange the ham, cheese, and bell pepper as shown on the photos.
3. Roll the bread and wrap it in the wax paper.
4. Chill the wrapped rolls for around 30 minutes.
Then, you’re now ready for the final steps. Here under are what you need:
What follows is peanuts:
1. Dip each roll into the slightly beaten egg. (I used two eggs for the first 12 canapés.)
2. Roll it over on the bread crumbs.
3. Deep fry for 3-4 minutes in medium heat until it turns golden brown.
Ready for nibbling with this dip!
The two loaves of bread which I bought yielded 44 undivided canapés since I even used the unpopular end piece or heel. As for the sides, they were mixed with the dog food for our three pets. They’re as happy as my three sons! Hahaha…
I’m not promoting any of the brands which you see on the photos. Have your own preference. 
A very special thank you to my three sons who were forced to be my photographers! *e-laughs*

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