Heavenly Afternoon Rapture

It only took a single call to make me visit my well-missed favorite Japan surplus store after four months.

Aiza, the senior saleslady of Tom’s Shop, got great news when she buzzed me early this afternoon. They have a lot of manyika (doll)! This manyika she was referring to is the kokeshi, my collection. 
Without hesitation I hurriedly drove to Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City. My little heart leaped high with eager excitement as I began imagining the designs of these kokeshi. When I arrived at the store, they were already waiting for me in a wooden tray. I sorted them out based on their novel look and had these beauties, priced at Php 500.00 ($10.13), coming home with me. Yahoooo! 

Their presence in our house instantly produced a soothing vibe.

I thought it would take looooong to activate my kokeshi hunting, which was one of the pleasures of pre-quarantine life. Truly, I’m grateful that my yearning for my source of unfathomable rapture ended today. 

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