Kurokutok: Nature’s Amorous Embrace


This is one of Zebra Dove‘s names in the Philippines.  This name is onomatopoeic to their calls. 

Kurokutok! Kurokutok! Kurokutok!

We amusingly echoed kurokutok and officially picked this as our tribe’s chant if ever we would join a “Find Your Tribe” game in the future. With this chosen sound, I’m confident that we’d find each other while blindfolded like the speed of a bullet and be declared the champion! Yay!😊
This mimicry was the effect of our setting foot in Kurokutok Nature Park and Resort in Cawag, Subic, Zambales on December 30, 2019. 

Looks like we were enchanted after we had been toured by my brother Joseph for more than an hour following our arrival in Vic’s Kubo

Initially we had our first invite to visit Kuro (clipped name for Kurokutok) early part of 2019, but it did not materialize due to a prior appointment. Then Joseph, who’s already an “adopted” member of the Huerta family, surprised us in October about Kubo and Vic’s invitation to visit it November 2 since he’d be having his vacation from the states. We were readying to go back to Zambales but it was again aborted. Thus, when he informed Cristy and me that Vic had reserved VK to us for an overnight stay, we finalized our trip on December 24 and decided on the date for it. As a result, our final accommodation would be in Vic’s Kubo and not anymore in Kuro. Were we frustrated? Not at all! 

Kuro served as our palatable visual hors d’oeuvres that sunny Monday morning. 👁😋

Around us screamed a delightful fusion of nature’s beauty and man’s aesthetics.

But you know what? Kuro started with just a single kubo (hut) and a pool. Trekking was the lone means to reach the remote mountainous area.
According to Joseph, Ochie (now Hon. Osias F. Huerta), the youngest among the five brothers, was the one responsible why Kuro came into being. He was then helped by their eldest brother Sangko Arnold, whom we had the chance to meet personally, to develop this family-owned park and resort one at a time. Originally, this was opened to public for free. However, the growing number of guests daily made the owners turn it to business to help maintain the place. Now, Kuro is a big hit among locals and foreigners, looking for a novel haven to stay and be far from the madding crowd.

Nature’s prismatic colors painted Kuro into a picturesque resort on top of the mountains. With its land size which I think is bigger than where Vic’s Kubo is situated will challenge a landscape architect’s skills. But I guess the Huertas need not hire one for they, themselves, know how to create Kuro as an extension of the heavenly VK or I surmise it’s the other way around. 🤔
A lot of fruit-bearing trees and plants are grown in the resort. Various kinds of ornamental and even wild plants added to Kuro’s distinct natural charm.

Hiking further, we reached a more elevated spot in Kuro. This was a most welcome cardio exercise and our most needed fat burning workout. Yee-haw! 😁😄

Did I hear anyone whining? No one dared. Grumbling had no place in Kuro. Feasting your eyes on what it freely offers amidst the continuous improvements of the property would not make you notice time and feel the murmur of your hungry stomach. 

Our team appeared to be doing an ocular inspection for our future destination, eh? Joseph, having been a regular in Kuro, served as our tour guide. So with his daughter Margaret, who already considers this place her second home.

We progressed with our wandering and reached the golf driving range. Approaching the conclusion of our “educational field trip,” Cristy had the shortest crash course which could be included in the Guinness (not Gines!) Book of World Records. 🤣😂

On the other hand, it’s all about projection and photo-op for Lancelot and me. Hahaha!

Afterwards, Joseph asked us whether we wanted to try the 500-meter zipline. We all declined in unison. Are we a family of acrophobics? I almost asked my companions. For your information, I once tried zipline in Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City and I’m telling you, I will no longer do that again! Well, we are not a family of acrophobics, but I can openly admit now that I am one.😩😫
Checking his watch, our guide announced that it was already time to go back to VK. We all concurred. I could feel that after sweating from the tour, we had to replenish our energy while my sons were already eyeing to take a dip in the pool. If we were housed in Kuro, they could have already tried two of the 11 small to average-sized spring water pools there. 

But, it had to wait some other time. We were not on a rush.
The short tour gave us an exciting preview of what’s in store for anyone who likes an unusual combo of adventure, greenery, and tranquility. I may not be able to talk about all the amenities, activities (i.e., camping, ziplining, fishing in the pond) and the kind of customer service in Kuro at this moment, but knowing the Huerta family, I could say that once you step in their home, you would be lovingly welcomed and treated like a royalty despite not being a bloodline. 

Kurokutok widely opened its arms and passionately embraced us. Our family is privileged to have reciprocated it. 

Photo Credits:

Arthur M. Gines
Joseph M. Mediavillo


To experience nature’s magic in Kuro, make a reservation by sending a message via its Kurokutok Facebook Page.  I bet you’d be mesmerized just like us. 

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