Diagnosis: Past Curing


I listened.

I contemplated.

Yet in the end, I did not heed my husband’s tall order to put a stop to my kokeshi doll collection.
I told you, this addiction is past curing.
Yesterday, I did not resist taking them home with me after a very successful haggling again.

Must I shut my eyes and leave the shop if what I saw are unique hand-crafted and authenticated (except for the last one) kokeshi dolls?

Let the revolution begin if my disobedience prevails. Hahahahahaha…
This batch is confidently giving my newly acquired first batch of colored kokeshi dolls a run for their money.
Photo Credit: The Angelic
This is my first time to own her kind. Truly authentic for this is a pasalubong from an angelic friend who spent a short break in the Land of the Rising Sun.
I couldn’t take my eyes off this uber kawaii kokeshi when I unboxed her.

Everything about her is a breath of fresh air!
My second colored doll elicited a salvo of reactions from me.
Photo Credit: The Conqueror
Looook! It’s a kokeshi doll with me, the mau, on it. 😸😸😸 What is so winsome about this kokeshi’s overall appearance is having that haircut which I used to sport when I was in grade school! Hahahaha… What a sweet reminder too of my deceased Papa, who was my private hairdresser! I’m not sure if my giver, the conqueror, hunted for this particular kokeshi or was he just lucky to chance upon this doll at Smithsonian National Museum in Washington D.C., USA?
Now, this set of kokeshi dolls (a modern variation called Kimmidoll) came into my possession after nine months! In theory, they were my very first colored dolls. And they came all the way from Melbourne, Australia!
Photo Credit: Jessica Oscillada-Rodriguez
Photo Credit: Jessica Oscillada-Rodriguez
Brought by a good friend/elementary and high school batchmate when she had her short vacation in Bicol in January this year, they had me running out of words to say. Based on the photos which were sent to me by another batchmate who was requested to keep them for me, these dolls are truly goddess-like! Thank God, I was patient enough to wait for them.
Thus, my patience was rewarded by the same friend in July when she handed this.

This pouch bears a foreword which was a sneak peek of what really awaited me.

Kokeshi dolls in various sizes and colors! And they witnessed first-hand how my jaw dropped on the floor! 🤣😂
Oh, my angel free! Your kindness and generosity are impactful.
I don’t know what made me deserve this, but to be included in her list of friends who’d have a pasalubong from her twice is something I would be grateful for endlessly. She has brought good fortune to me since her giving me my first set of colored kokeshi dolls was followed one after another in September.
Now, these colored kokeshi dolls have no choice but to share the cramped space I have for my other collection.

At a different angle though, may be it’s my strategy hoping that my kokeshi dolls camouflage as mugs to conceal themselves from my CIC (Commander-in-Chief). But it’ll be horrifying to discover if the mugs camouflage as kokeshi dolls. Huli! Hahahaha…
Oh, my kokeshi! My love for you has not been diminished. The more I am curtailed to have you, the more I become defiant.

How can I justify my source of joy which is continuously labeled as unjustified?

The rebellious knightess spirit in me is starting to be awakened. Ha-ha!

With the backing of these special people (thank you!) to one of my passions, I think I can go “underground” just to sustain this. How do you think will my husband react if he sees life-size versions of these in our house soon?

Hmmm…Should I connive with my cherubic buddy when she revisits the Kokeshiland for her first international marathon? Hahahaha…🤪😂


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