My Eros

Eros, the Greek god of love and fertility, will be on-call tomorrow.

For sure, he’ll have one hell of a day on earth as he fills the atmosphere with love for these people who are believers of the VD. 😘😍
Well, Eros has to thank my husband and me for not joining this annual Feast of Saint Valentine. 😉Our non-observance of this celebration will make him save some of his energy on the 14th of February. Banal it may sound, but we do not reserve a day to express or to show our love and affection to each other. So, I dare say that we are not part of the commercialization of Valentine’s Day.😅
Unexpectedly, one of my sons believes otherwise. Yesterday, he surprised me with these flowers when I arrived in the evening from work and greeted me “Happy Valentine’s Day, Nanay (Mother)!”


Last year, he also startled me with a bouquet from Dangwa while I was on chaperone duty for Alexander and him. It was three days before VD. Again, he did it earlier (Avoiding the rush, eh?) 😎


Is Arthur attempting to change our line of thinking or is he simply sweet and thoughtful? As his mother, I feel it’s both. And I am thankful and happy that he is manifesting two of the traits which I’ve fallen in love with in my ex-boyfriend, my husband Larry. Teehee!😊

Whoever he holds dear in his heart now, I could say that (ehem…) she’s one lucky girl. Promise, I won’t be jealous. I know where my place is in my son’s heart.





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