Realizing what used to be a fantasy…


…is now labeled as WJ’s first most magnificent experience for the year 2019!


To finally don a Maria Clara attire and walk on the cobblestone road of a world-class historical haven has brought her to that far-off epoch when brushing elbows with the ilustrados was a privilege which was not bestowed upon the indios.

Ah! If only we could turn back the clock and change the Filipinos’ fate during the Spanish era…
But reality bites!
Today, let her try giving justice to Jose Rizal‘s Maria Clara of Noli Me Tangere

…even if the glaring truth is she’s a Sisa.🤪😆


4 thoughts on “Retro

    1. Thanks a heap, dearest friend Josie.🥰

      I’ve been wanting to be in a Maria Clara attire for years. 😊Sa wakas natupad talaga.

      This is also one of the perks of having an adventurous friend in the North. 🙂

      Best regards and God bless.


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