To Gut Be the Glory!

Have you often trusted your gut feeling?

I have and providentially, it has not disgruntled me. 
Today was another evidence of this intuition at work. And oh boy, it has brought me to seventh heaven!  


Stopping a few meters away from the first Japanese surplus shop which caught my attention in Silang, Cavite I could feel the pull of something or some things which I have been waiting for. The “good afternoon” greeting of a young woman, who I suspect was one of the salesladies, signaled a positive vibe. I scanned the spacious shop and was directed to these dolls. 


Getting the kokeshi from the shelf, I doubted if I’d be encountering Aiza’s “twin” there. Aiza is a sales lady/cashier from my favorite Japan shop in Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque and she would sell the dolls to me at a low price. Unexpectedly, haggling with the middle-aged woman was a piece of cake! Or maybe, she read my mind about the price which I’d offer for the five dolls. Call it the power of hypnosis! Hahahaha… Paying immediately for these beauties lest she realized that she was put under a spell, I expressed the highest level of thanks and left. 


When I showed my youngest son my great finds, his smile was the extension of my happiness. Then, we resumed our trip en route from Silang to Las Pinas. This is  the detour I would take every time we would pay my parents-in-law in Indang, Cavite a visit. 
Enjoying the songs of Queen from Lancelot’s music library, I spotted another surplus store. 


I could have just continued driving if my lone companion did not cry, “Check it, Nanay (Mother)!” In that instant, I doubted if it’s my gut feeling which was in full swing or my son’s. Hahaha. 
And this met me!


I had to compose myself so as not to show my eagerness and quickly checked the side of my mouth if I drooled because of so much amazement. Harharhar… I picked one doll and inquired about its price. What I heard convinced me that kokeshi dolls are far cheaper in the province! Yahoooo! Asking for a basket, I began picking the dolls which would make my collection multiply. 


Silently, I prayed to be successful in bargaining for the second time. 
The Japanese-looking woman, who I supposed was the proprietress for she was always consulted for the final amount, was not an easy “prey” for my so-called hypnotism tricks. *sighs* I had no other option but to fully utilize my haggling skills up to the last minute. 


Did I keep that Cheshire cat grin until we reached our home?😸
Look at that pretty little thing in the middle! Her smile may have not exposed her gums for smiling broadly, but believe me, her sparkling eyes say it all for me. 



Yup! I succeeded in bringing home all these cuties, who will never ever be an EYESORE to me as opposed to the bleep…bleep 🤥 fowl.


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