Unblue Me!

“Why in blue today?”

Queried one of my students who were used to seeing me in black. A change in color of my ootd might have aroused their curiosity which made someone utter a follow-up question. 
“Are you blue?”
Do I look blue?


Definitely N-O-T!
With the arrival of my new kokeshi dolls after seven months of waiting, I was in high spirits when I reported for school the next day.






They came at the right time when my daily routine was almost draining my energy. My focus needed a diversion which led me to them. 


Personally considered as one of my de-stressors, these dolls were accompanied by a different kind of wooden dolls which I first laid eyes on in one of the Facebook posts of a former professor.


Immediately, I knew that this set of dolls was the matryoshka dolls which was confirmed by the label at the bottom.



I was in raptures! This is a collector’s item. And just like the kokeshi dolls, they cost dear. 
But, being a lucky regular patron of this Japanese surplus store along Aguirre Street, I could always have them in the lowest price. I need not haggle with Aiza, one of the sales ladies in the shop, who knew about my hobby. In fact, she called me up at once and informed me about these dolls which she referred to as “decorations.” I guess she had no idea how much these dolls cost in other shops. Thank goodness! Hahahahaha…
Now, will I also allow the population of these matryoshka dolls balloon? As of this time, I won’t bet on this since my heart is faithful to my kokeshi dolls.  Besides, I ain’t a double winder. 


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