A Taste of Nobility

Behold a newly discovered hidden sanctum…

Photography by Pogs De Ocera
Goshen Hotel and Resort in Bamban, Tarlac! This is where we were all pampered like the royalties.
Despite the unfinished construction of its structure, the place charmed us. Its medieval architectural design was the ideal backdrop for our scheduled pictorial. Thus, after hauling our bags to our spacious and comfy suite, we decided to change to our respective attires.
So, why a photo shoot? This will be used in a forthcoming video teaser for our July 27, 2019 batch event. Paeng and I thought of this Tarlac trip sidelight and we were both grateful to our katribu who were real troupers. May it be serious or not, expect our  batchmates to give you full support all for the love of BUHS ’86. 






Accomplishing the pictorial with Aldin and Pogs as our lensmen, we trooped to Cafe Roma where we would be treated to another level of spoiling from Paeng and the much awaited exclusive one-man show from Joel Carrascal, our batch’s artist par excellence. 


Curious but amused glances from the hotel staff and fellow hotel guests met us when we entered the diner. They added more fun to our evening. 



Then dinner commenced at the second floor, which was reserved for us. The menu was obviously well picked by our gracious host. No wonder we enjoyed it while we were regaled with good live music.




The night was still young. This cued Joel to deliver his ala-comedy bar show. As always, it elicited guffaws from us. Sipping my after meal drink while listening to Joel, I savored this once-in-a-lifetime moment with my friends like a true-blue aristocrat. 
Dinner and act done, we all agreed to retire to our room before the drizzle turned into a heavy rain. Besides, we had to be reinvigorated for our Sunday activities. However, once inside our presidential suite we still busied ourselves with more documentations. Mga adik sa pictures at S9 ni Joel! Hahahaha.😂🤣😆

This is hyperactiveness in the maximum level! We even held our meeting about our 2019 affair at 11:00 pm ’til the wee hours of June 24. I consider this fusion of creative minds and passionate hearts for the realization of one goal as one of the biggest accomplishments of our Tarlac trip.

And as I enthusiastically waited for the break of dawn, I could sense that my elation would skyrocket the next day for I got the best company. 

Well, if it would turn out the other way, I’d let my shirt speak for me.


Photo credits:

Joel Carrascal
Rafael Morada, Jr.

2 thoughts on “A Taste of Nobility

  1. Wooow… So beautiful and marvelous place, Mau.

    With a gorgeous “Batch, it looks like a beauty pageant 😍 😘

    I thought, kami na ang pinaka
    masayang ‘batch ☺️ 😊 mas masaya pala kayo, I love it 😍
    at sa nag organized, Wooow 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Time is fast, life is short that’s why need to enjoy life talaga 🙂

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! 😄😊😘

    God Bless You All !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should visit that place, Josie. Alam ko mat kaibigan kang taga-Tarlac din.

      Hahahaha…mukhang beauty pageant nga raw. Mga nag-ambisyong contestants.🤩😂🤣😆

      Napakasaya. Halos ayaw na naminv maghiwalay.

      Thanks a lot again for the visits and posts, Josie.

      Have a great Friday there!

      You’re thought of. Hugs. 🤗


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