The Bribery: Dog’s Edition

The mau’s love at first sight toward these adorable Golden Retrievers had her resorting to blatant blackmail for the first time. 


Mau: Sssshhh…Come with me. I promise you a better life.
Thrixie: Is that for real or you’re just flattering me?
Mau: Me a liar and a flatterer? No way!
Taylor: Hmmm… Got to be ready for this cat’s bribery.


Mau: Dear sweet handsome Taylor. Help me convince Thrixie. Isn’t it you’re coming with me now?
Taylor: I still have to think about your offer. 
Thrixie: Go on. Think fast!


Mau: Oh, see? We look good together, don’t we? (Asking in a Kris Aquino’s voice… hahahaha)


Mau: Are you fine with my offer, Thrixie? Unlimited imported dog food for you, belly rubs whenever you want, dog walks in your chosen day, time and place, etc. Name it and you’d get it!
Thrixie: Lemme think. Lemme think.
Taylor: Stop thinking, b***h! You got no brains to use. 


Mau: The way I see it, you’ve finally come to the wisest decision in your whole life.
Taylor: Of course!
Thrixie: Whaaaat?! Are you going with this feline?
Taylor: Never! It’s a trap. I ain’t taking it. We’ll be as poor as a church mice in her domain. My loyalty remains to Mama and Dada. 


Special thanks to Paeng and Pogs, the real owners of Thrixie and Taylor, for allowing me to use them in this “pictorial”  and in this blog

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