Virtually Lucky!

When the Lord showered the earth with luck with raffles, I think I was one of those who failed to catch it. 

Yup. I got no luck with raffle draws. That’s why when I received an email congratulating me as one of the winners in the raffle sponsored by Triumph Philippines on April 2, I had one of the biggest surprises of my life. 
So, what led to my winning a Triaction Free Motion sports bra?
It’s Takbo.Ph Women’s Stride Virtual Race  !


When I joined my first virtual run, I set my heart on hitting two birds with one stone. First, I would be able to regularly train for another longer ultra marathon. Second, I would be able to complete my chosen distance which would qualify me for these good-looking entitlements — a medal and a canary yellow racerback tank top. But, never did I expect that my name would be drawn in the lottery.
These entitlements served as my Pavlovian conditioning. Once I saw my progress after uploading the details for every run that I finished, I became more gung-ho to complete the 200-k distance. 
All in all, I did only one registered run and the rest were mostly heat training runs which yielded more than the 200-k running goal.
What was noteworthy though in the whole course of my running in March was my not only fulfilling my personal objectives. The novel challenge had brought me fresh encounters with these charming God’s creations …
… had me discovering new and very affordable energy foods which have “enslaved” me…


… and most of all had me nearly mastering the art of taking a selfie (resorted to for documentation purposes for Strava running app)! Hahahaha… (God forbid if I am now suffering from selfitis. Huhuhuhu…)

As you can see, everything perfectly fell into place for me. Finally, I’ve found an ideal catalyst which will make me keep my running ardor alive and realize my health and fitness goals. 


So, let my running meter continue moving for my second accumulated distance of 200km in Tropical Trials Virtual Run 2018!

2 thoughts on “Virtually Lucky!

    1. Hi, Josie! Thank you very much for your first comment fresh from Qatar. 🙂

      You could have seen my smile. Abot hanggang tenga ng mabasa ko message mo.

      Wow. Wish I were really the “wonder woman”. 🙂

      God bless you too.

      Hinay-hinay lang sa work. Huwag masyadong super sipag.


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