Kokeshi Sanctuary

March 9 was a generous day for me!

It delivered the newest additions to my one-of-a-kind other “family.”

Visiting my favorite Japanese surplus shop before picking my three sons from school that Friday afternoon, I got my fresh haul of kokeshi dolls all for Php 800 ($15.54). 🙂This is the price of only one medium-sized kokeshi in other shops! Yehey! And another louder ‘Yehey!’

I was rejoicing almost nonstop! Aiza, the head sales person, joined in my joy. She knows about my collection and I am their regular customer who would often inquire whether there’s a new arrival of these Japanese wooden dolls. So, when I discovered them still in a container and undisplayed, she was not surprised when I got them all. These dolls are one of the first reasons why I patronize their store.
A combination of old and novel designs, they will be as valuable as my early finds.

Without any opposition, they will have their own reserved spot in my house where I can gaze at them every now and then.
Well, this set of mini kokeshi dolls will surely have its special place.

Being a rare creation, they have to be kept secured despite the damaged base.

My kokeshi community is growing and growing. I can’t wait for the day when I’ll have one room filled with all my dolls. It will be my exclusive haven.

2 thoughts on “Kokeshi Sanctuary

    1. You’re definitely right, Josie. Little things must not be taken for granted.

      Thank you for these wise words again. I will remember them.

      “Cute” is one of the words that can describe these kokeshi dolls. That’s why they’re adorable. 🙂


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