WJ’s Prologues and Epilogues: Worth a King’s Ransom

Picture the WJ, looking forsaken…

and dateless on a day which is supposedly a momentous one.
Quite dreary. 
Now, let me fine-tune that with the following tactics:
Insert a couple of VVIP’s (Very Very Important Peeps) who are ever ready to pump life to a day which is threatening to be dead. 

Find a place that could offer novelty to our paletes.

Beef Pho with meatballs and Vietnamese coffee latte (for me); Beef Pho without meatballs (for my sister Cristy)
Beef teriyaki and watermelon shake for Lancelot
Pork belly for Alexander and cappuccino for a change
Banh Mi for the consistent health buff Arthur
Pork Teppanyaki for sharing
Cha Gio (Vietnamese fresh rolls with chicken) for sharing
Cha Gio (Vietnamese fried rolls) for sharing
Pique my vagabond pussy cat’s curiosity about a stall in Solenad 2, offering ethnic products and accessories which were personally crafted by Roy Comeda, a fellow Bicolano from Malilipot, Albay.


Enable myself to be captivated by one of Comeda’s exceptionally-designed necklaces once I spotted it and triumphantly haggle over for a much lower price!

Feel unexplained gratifications by just the sight of these costly but eye-popping Asian creations from Souq Salamanca even if I did not purchase an item. (Note to self: Got to look for SS in the next Manila Fame sked and who knows, bring home a very affordable good find.)

Be in raptures when I ran across my first immediate superior, Mrs. Josefina B. Villaranda, who practically became my mentor as a neophyte teacher in the academe, after almost a decade since her retirement from Saint Jude Catholic School where I first taught.
My sister, my youngest son Lancelot and I, sharing the spotlight with Miss Vi and her husband
Earn a sweet memento from my altruistic sister Cristy as her thoughtful way of congratulating me (or more of reminding me to be a good girl…hahaha!) on my 20th wedding anniversary. 

That Saturday, December 30, I simply marked our 20 years of marriage without Larry unlike last year and in the previous years.
However, he and the younger twin Alexander, did a mega hit when they “connived” to surprise me with an early anniversary greeting on the 29th. 


This is how the Wandering Jouster creates and collects memories as a prologue to more indelible impressions. Yet, the epilogues in my life are equally worthy of salute be it about family, career and friendships. 

At this point, allow me to profoundly extend my greeting and wishes to all of you before each of us begins filling in the respective blank slates of our life. 

To year 2018, bring it on to the running knightess!

2 thoughts on “WJ’s Prologues and Epilogues: Worth a King’s Ransom

    1. What a nice feeling to receive the first comment from my regular WJ upper!

      Infinite thanks for all your compliments and kind wishes. I extend the same wishes for you and your family, Josephine.

      May we both have more exciting roller coaster rides in our life this 2018.



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