Whoops of Joy

I thought Andres Bonifacio Day would just be another unexceptional day for the WJ. 

Boy was I wrong!
Accompanied by my three sons and older sister Cristy after a lunch date with her at Robinson’s Place Las Piñas City, I trooped to Artis, one of the Japanese surplus shops along Aguirre Street, Parañaque City. We are regulars here. Yesterday’s visit though received a lot of warmer smiles and cheers from the salespeople. For what reason? It took us quite sometime to drop by the shop again. 
After looking around the store, I proceeded to my favorite corner there where I find odds and ends from Japan. My heart knew why I checked that spot in the first place. 
From the other side🎵🎵🎶
I must have called a thousand times🎶🎵🎶
Halt, Adele!🤩😊
Say me: I have waited long for you, my dear kokeshi dolls
But I am NOT bellyaching.

What right do I have when seeing you has only one effect on me? Whoops of joy!

At this time when filling an unfillable void is at its remotest possibility, your arrival into my life is most refreshing. Your kins will undoubtedly be thrilled as well to have you in their our growing kazoku

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