Relentless Passion

Is this a modern Pandora’s box for me to guard?

Let me open it to end your curiosity. 

This is absolutely a different kind of box which does not contain any evils of the world! 

After this chest had been surprisingly handed to me by my vacationing husband, I had no inkling what was inside until I unlocked it. 

An unforeseen but very much approved of pasalubong! I held the wooden container close to my heart with unstoppable delight! 
Well, my Larry had a brief story to tell. Asked by his co-worker/friend what he wanted from Pakistan since he would have his break ahead of him, my husband instead queried if they also had ethnic accessories. With the affirmative answer, Larry gave a certain budget to his friend to buy me some pieces. He didn’t forget to reiterate that these jewels must be made of indigenous materials and not of gold because he knows my preference very well. 🤩 To cut this abridged story shorter (ha-ha!), the Pakistani wife, who thankfully has an eye for beauty, was given the task to look for these native adornments which are now part of my tapestry and my OOTD. 

At this point my dear readers and visitors, I have a revelation to state. 🤨 For a couple of years now, I have not ordered (or even dared insinuate 🤪) what I really want as pasalubong from my husband since more often than not, he wouldn’t grant it being labeled as “unreasonable wish.” 😜 However, this actually did me so much G-O-O-D since Larry has begun personally picking and deciding on what would content his queen! 👸🏻😊 Quite surprising to me, eh? It’s because he has already reminded me to put a stop to my fascination of these accessories! Shhhhhhh…. at this moment, I’m secretly in jubilation upon discovering that he’s certainly backing me to keep this passion alive! 
From someone who is a Master of Surprises, why should I not gladly take them — be in big or small boxes; costly or inexpensive; personally delivered or airfreighted —  if it’s his endearing unique way of expressing his affection? *winks*
STATUS: Bracing for more surprises…Hahaha! 

2 thoughts on “Relentless Passion

  1. Wow… how lucky you are Mau 🙂
    ang galing nya naman hahaha… kunyari he want’s you to stop your fashion.

    Gusto ka lang pala nya e surprise.

    Tingnan mo kung gaano sya nag effort? pag ganyan nga naman ang hubby mo mapapamahal ka talaga 🙂

    You Are Blessed!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Josephine. I guess “lucky” is the right word.😊 Kaya nga mas maganda talaga yung hindi na nahingi. Hahahaha… Oo, mahilig talaga syang manorpresa. Buti na lang at hindi pa ako inaatake sa puso. Hahahaha…🤣😂😁


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