The Hunting

A strategic plan.

This was what my companion and I put into action in our maiden hunting spree late morning of November 9.
Lend me your ears for my narrative.
Amidst the intermittent rains last Thursday, we followed Jean‘s instructions as we looked for Aldana Avenue. Big thanks to Google, we found out that this is the best place where we would have a high chance of achieving a victorious quest. Dilly-dallying has never been mulled over as we immediately spotted our preys. But first, we had to conceal and arm ourselves. 
Dropping by St. Joseph Parish Church where the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ is housed, we asked for heavenly mediation. In any new adventure that we would hurdle, we always rely on its power. 

With adrenalized steps, we left the church compound. We were oblivious of the rainfall even if we both became a little wet due to the lone shield that we brought with us. Reaching our target was of  foremost importance than our well-being. Irrationality surprisingly vanquished us just to realize our pursuit. 
Sans a compass and a telescope, my invisible communication system led us to our hunting arena. 
Tsararan, tsararan, tsararaaaaaaannnnn!


A mishmash of Christmas lanterns welcomed us in this chosen hunting ground!
I silently whispered “kudos” to my sixth sense for directing us to this zone where our search for our family’s first capiz lanterns would end. 

Not that quick though! The hunter-cum-safety officer who I was with had to thoroughly inspect it before approving our Pick #1.

QC requirements met, the lantern was given the final touches before giving it another test.
And another reverberating “yahoooo!”
This unique design of Edmond San Pedro, the maker and proprietor of the nameless shop/stall we went to along Padre Diego Cera Avenue, was the last piece of his creation which he admitted might not be replicated. 
He might still be doing a delayed sales talk (which he is very good at!) with us, but I’m giving him big credit for convincing us to purchase two additional lanterns.
The colored one was my husband’s choice for our second lantern, but I opposed him and expressed that I would again go for white. My contradiction had him deciding to instead buy it for our Inay, my mother-in-law. It widened my pussy cat grin some more! Hahahaha…

Seriously, these “hunted” Capiz Christmas lanterns irrefutably exhibit the impressive craftsmanship and ingenuity  of the Filipinos. I can only feel pride just looking at each parol which symbolizes Jesus’ birth and our rich cultural heritage.

Hohohoho…I am overjoyed!
Aside from purchasing three lanterns with a total price equivalent to one big lantern at SM Southmall, Larry and I also fulfilled a long time dream — that of finally owning handcrafted capiz lanterns and simply adorning our house with them this holiday season.

6 thoughts on “The Hunting

    1. Welcome kang mamasko sa amin, Josephine. 😊

      Dapat talaga i-enjoy mo ang iyong bakasyon para mawala destressors.

      Naku. Very busy talaga ang December. Dito sa Pilipinas puno lagi ang malls lalo pag weekends. Kaya iwas malls na ako. Hahaha.

      Salamat sa updates, Josephine. 😇


    1. Walang anuman, Josephine.

      Tumpak. Sa ngayon, maraming mga nangyayari dito na na sana’y hindi namin mararanasan. Talagang panalangin ang napakalakas na sandata sa mga ganitong panahon.

      Salamat din uli.


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