Blogger’s Note: Rehashing one of my early posts in my very first blog and deciding to share it here at Wandering Jouster in my halloweeny mode…Boo! 👻

Extramarital affairs are one of the taboo issues that should not be flaunted and celebrated in writing.

But today, I have the urge to write down this startling revelation from an Adam’s descendant — he is keeping  a mistress!
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Apprehensive I may be, I have mustered all the courage in exposing his infidelity which he has been guilty of for the past years. I pray that this account of the forbidden affair will redeem him as we uncover the truth behind his story.
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Undisclosed rendezvous, meeting time kept in secret– these are what he has been safeguarding. One false move and the discovery will have a domino effect on his relationship with his loved ones, family, and friends. 

Who will not be threatened by his paramour who has the power to withhold pleasure if he disobeys? Ergo, he has to give her his undivided attention and unquestionable acquiescence every time he appears in their tryst. Obviously, he has been stamped as her exclusive property. 

Danger would not matter as he braved the darkness at dawn or worse, the inclement weather. He would not think twice risking his life just to please his significant other. If he were in great pain, he would not show it. Whining is an unmanly trait which she detested. Weakness would disappoint her and drive her away. 
He couldn’t even turn down her caprice or else she would mutate into a green-eyed monster, doubting his faithfulness.
are you jealous ? Painting by Ilgvars Zalans | Artmajeur
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Without a choice, he had to push himself beyond his limits just to prove his undying affection. Week after week, he had to exhibit his dedication and unconditional devotion. His endurance must not diminish for it’s her tall order to be always on-call for a higher level of challenge and pressure. Any manifestation of indecision may lead to ending their liaison, wrong it may be. And he, himself, wouldn’t want to be the first to do it for he knew he had invested a lot of endeavors– physical, emotional, psychological, and financial– in this alliance. Cutting whatever links them now would be like killing him. 
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As a man, he had to be perfect for his mistress, so she could continue providing a sanctuary where he could find solace from all the negative and sad disturbances in his life. Indeed, they share a unique symbiotic bond.
Is he ashamed in his admission that he has a mistress? He is not. In fact, he is proud to shout to the world that he has one. For how many times has he experienced contentment and self-fulfillment because of his mistress? Countless. His victory is his inamorata’s victory; his defeat is his inamorata’s defeat. Side by side, they have to face the difficult course that life has brought them together.
For better or for worse, till death do us part — this is the sacred vow which this Lord Byron’s kin will fulfill to his jealous mistress who is none other than…
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