Wandering Jouster: Novelty @6

This is the sixth article for August 2017.

Six years. 
This is the number of years the Wandering Jouster has been living. Well, more of “has been surviving.” If truth be told, WJ’s existence was in the brink of extinction when I stopped visiting it for more than nine months. I even wrestled with my decision on deleting it. But, attachment to my alter ego prevailed. 
Today, I made sure  that I would offer something fresh for its sixth year. 
Starting with its facelift, I scouted for a new theme which would meet my taste. I succeeded. Major refurbishment was done second week of this month. I didn’t anymore wait for August 29 to make the overhauling since I planned of coming up with articles in trickles until I penned the sixth to celebrate WJ’s genesis. 

With my blog’s current look comes my own latest tweaked image and acquisitions which will remind me of WJ’s sixth year anniversary.
First, my shorter than short hairstyle which I had last August 27.  
Looking like a PMA (Philippine Military Academy) pleb, I welcomed my niece’s comment when she likened me to Johanna, her older sister, who entered the PNP (Philippine National Police) almost a decade ago. 

Well, I could have been a policewoman had my father given me the blessing in 1989 when an uncle, who was active in the service, asked him if there was someone among his children who were interested to enter the police force. To cut the story short, destiny willed it for me to have a different profession. 
I think projecting this “testosterone-induced look” is the reason for my new purchase, the second linked symbol to WJ’s commemoration. 

Yup! Not anymore a pair of running shoes but a pair of Dr. Martens AirWair women’s 1460 Smooth boots. Hehehe… I’m curious how my students will react to my OOTD tomorrow for our last session before the midterm examination week. 
Third is this novel from my older sister Cristy.  

After almost one year of looking for this bestseller of my favorite author, Sandra Brown, I am grateful to Nano for finding Mean Streak and handing it to me two days before WJ’s sixth birthday. I want to rekindle my love for reading novels and who knows, be passionate again with running because of Dr. Emory Charbonneau, the female lead. 
And to cap the observance of my blog’s sixth anniversary, I had a quiet and simple dinner with my sons at Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen after fetching them from school. 

This so-called intimate celebration was in response to my youngest son’s August 21 query whether we would be remembering my seventh year in running again. Lancelot had a sharp memory of what we did in 2015 (see related entry at https://wanderingjouster.com/2015/08/21/cinco/). Frankly, I intentionally didn’t observe my runner’s life which happens on Ninoy Aquino Day since I’ve recently detached myself from this sport. Despite realizing another international marathon on January 20, I lost my fascination with it as fueled by an outside negative force. 

At present, let me exult in the sustained “life” of my blog. I have to. Being my aegis in times of my wretchedness (and even bitchiness!), WJ will forever remain faithful to me. 

And of course, how can I forget my regular followers, virtual uppers and posters? You are part of the air that the Wandering Jouster breathes. 
Thank you very much for the six years you have kept me company. May you continue to see WJ as a source of your smiles.  
Let’s drink to that?  

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