Basking in the Memory

Two major destinations. One goal.

This was the state we were in yesterday when my siblings and I decided to meet up to commemorate the birthdays of our loved ones — Margaret Pearl and Papa.
For our brother’s daughter, the celebration was on the exact date of her natal day. For our deceased father, it’s one day advance. Being a long weekend, it was the most favorable moment for my sister Cristy and niece Jai to be with us in Las Pinas. 
Picking Mesa (again) but this time at Evia, Daang Hari we agreed to have our simple lunch there. Cristy indeed likes this modern Filipino restaurant’s bistek bangus belly that despite eating our lunch in their Southmall branch a day before, she still suggested the place. My three boys and Jai would’ve preferred a new diner, but I couldn’t agree more with her. Evia is very accessible from our residence and we’re sure it’s not as congested as SM. 
We arrived at the venue a few minutes earlier than Joseph and his daughter. Good for the pair since we were not seated at once.
Their arrival was perfectly timed for us to be finally directed to our table. It didn’t take long for our chosen dishes to be served. 
bagoong kanin
tofu salad
Sinigang na ulo ng salmon
bistek bangus belly, Cristy’s fave
ginataang gising-gising
carbonara for the birthday celebrator
Initially picking ONLY healthy dishes, my sister changed her mind and opted to add thiiiiiiiissssss!!!
This is crispchon which is served in two ways — wrapped in pandan crepe and tossed in chili garlic. 
the wrapping
finished product with three kinds of dip
We just selected the first preparation and directed the service staff to wrap the remaining lechon de letche (roasted shoat pig) since we didn’t consume all the ordered dishes. Obviously, we gave more attention to my brother’s updates about them, not to mention the documentation that we did. 

Lunch was for an hour and we allotted a few minutes to check on the new shops there. Joseph and Garet joined us, but excused themselves after a while since they had another appointment. 

Back to being six, we checked on the cinema’s sked since Cristy would like to watch an indie movie with us. Upon seeing the very expensive amount for a local film she didn’t push through with it! Thus, when I recommended that we go to Robinson’s Place Las Pinas where I would be having my haircut, they unanimously agreed. My sister quickly changed her movie choice from comedy to horror. I. Begged. Off. Pleaaasssse. No. Horror. For.  Me.😱😬 So with my niece Jai. But not my three sons who were gung ho to be their tita’s movie date after having our dessert. 

All satisfied with their chosen flavor of ice cream at St. Marc Cafe except me, we left Evia for our respective destinations in Robinson’s. It was our last stop. Jai tailed after me to my regular salon after making up her mind to also have a trim. 
So divergent. While my sister and her nephews subject themselves to jump scares, there we were relaxing and waiting for our desired transformation.

Well, our chosen activities may be clashing, nonetheless I was certain that we would all be basking in the memory of August 27, 2017. 

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