The Mythical Twins’ Crowns

We have been mistaken for twins. 

Even Mark Zuckerberg‘s brainchild Facebook has been confused between us. 🤔Automatic tagging erroneously on our respective faces always happens in our posted photos. Agreeably, many might have looked at my older sister Cristy aka Nano and me as a replica of each other but we were uniquely conceived and born on different time frames. 
Partly, this distinction was what I wanted to display when I decided to have my long locks cut very short more than a year ago. With the pronounced contrast, I was already optimistic that our presumed “twinning” would be accepted as nonexistent. 

But, lo and behold! I predict Facebook’s bewilderment will continue. Hahahahaha…😂🤣😂🤣

After sporting a well-taken care of long hair by a personal hairdresser for an eon, Nano had followed suit on giving it up and allowing her natural curly mane to boldly reappear and grow. And mind you, my three sons and I are the only privileged ones in our clan and among her friends to catch a glimpse of her ala-Riley Curry‘s hairstyle. An irregular on FB just like me nowadays  for I evade visual unappetizers and eyesores😜, she has no plan of publishing her recent picture on her wall. So up to now, nobody has an inkling about her transformation or I’d rather call it reversion unless of course a kin or a mutual friend bumps into this article. 🙂🙃

Younger and prettier. These were the adjectives I sincerely extended to my sister. Minus the facts that we are bloodline and she is our sponsor for our Sunday post-mass lunch dessert today with this yummy Conti’s Turtle Pie, I’d still pay her with those compliments. Hehehehe…

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong in pampering one’s hair. Remember, it is the crown that we inherently earn, flaunt and never take off. 👸🏻

Need I say more, my perennial and mythical “tweeny”? 😊

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