The (Pl)edge of Allegiance

Methought my loyalty to running had no limits.🤔

But a couple of months ago, it reached its terminal point. 

I, the WJ aka La Gitana Mau, have surprisingly shifted my intense commitment to a new sport — BOXING. 
Presently regarded as my regular cardio exercise and hobby, boxing has not only helped me shed unwanted pounds but it has my confidence level eased up another notch as I develop the skills I need to protect myself, my family and even other people. In addition to this, it has completely disconnected me from individuals who’ve unleashed my malevolence since they’ve consistently NOT walked their talk on and off the road. 😜
Goodbye to the bringer of a volatile relationship…
Hello to a new amore for a new me…😻 
Now, who says pussy cats just meow, hiss, chirrup, purr and growl? 🐈

They too wear gloves to throw a knockout punch. POW!

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