Enigmatic Dubai: Stripped (Part 2/2)

Enchanting is an understatement.

This is what I found out when I had an intimate  rendezvous with Dubai’s three must-see tourist attractions —
Miracle Garden,

Burj Al Arab
img_0227and Burj Khalifa.

I became dumbfounded when I finally reached the first site in person and ‘almost personally’ set foot on the last two. This was realized after claiming my race kit in Meydan (read related article at https://wanderingjouster.com/2017/01/29/enigmatic-dubai-stripped-part-1/). Photos which I used to just admire in magazines and posted pictures of my Dubai-based former colleague turned all real in front of me. I was afraid to blink my eyes for fear that each visual gratification  would be gone. But blink I did, and discovered Miracle Garden does exist on this part of our planet.

The flower lover in me stamped that smile the whole time that we were like butterflies and bees fleeting from one flower to another. This garden exposed me to a large genera of flowers which I have not seen in my whole life. Some seemed artificial but at a closer look, they would disprove your sense of sight. The four of us tarried for more than an hour to make sure that we had thoroughly explored the garden before proceeding to our next stop — Jumeirah Beach. 
It was on this beach where we derived satisfaction by just viewing Burj Al Arab. Resorting to camera angling, we got the right perspective to have it appear that this world’s most luxurious hotel was just an arm’s length from us. Truly, it’s a big advantage when you’re with artistic peeps in your adventure.


Adding to my bank of resplendent memories was running on Dubai sand! Well, to those with discerning eyesight, this would give an impression of a dummy run-cum-photo shoot. You got me there! Hahahahaha… 

The sun’s exit from the horizon cued us to silently say “adieu” to this site. Based on the prepared itinerary of my niece, our final terminus for that day requires much legwork. I need not worry. It’s a welcome warm-up exercise for me for the next day’s race.
We passed through Mercato Mall to reach Dubai Mall where we would have a romantic visual date with Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest sckyscraper. As we made our way inside these two structures, we grabbed the chance of ogling at things which appealed to our vision before giving in to our whining stomach. 

Resuscitated, our group readied ourselves for Burj Khalifa’s allure which was enhanced even more by a three-minute musical fountain show. The visual delight almost thrilled me to death! 

We had to watch the dancing fountain twice before we called it a night. Leaving Edwin behind for a late date with his Dubai-based relatives, the three of us walked toward the taxi bay. But not until we let ourselves be pulled by the mall’s aquarium and the Human Waterfall.

Was I exhausted after this day’s cramped sked?
You be the judge as I still found time to clown around when my niece and me, with that widest grin on my lips, were dropped off by Jofel at Grandeur Hotel to conclude my January 19 agenda.

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