Altenblut: A Haven and a Heaven on Earth


This lone word capsulizes my experience for the first time when I set foot on a kennel amidst the alluring beauty of nature.  






Discovering this secluded place was for me a providential accident. After more than four months, it allowed me to commune again with nature, which immediately enveloped me with serenity and tranquility only this close contact could bring about. Well, I had my husband’s instinct to thank for this time. It was he who asked me to get in touch with the owner of this paradise-like place, Paul S.M. Ortiz, last October 24. Yes, instinct (Hmm… James Bond 007 sexily said this to Miss Moneypenny in “Spectre”).
In Larry’s desire to finally own a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) he patiently googled the net for possible Philippine-based breeders. The very first name that cropped up in his search led him to this site Right there and then, he felt that his quest for one of his dream guard dogs would finally be over. 
So after 32 days of receiving updates from Sir Paul, this morning’s scheduled meeting for viewing the litter punctuated our cyber communication. A big help in making this visit smooth and convenient was of course our ever-reliable on-call driver-for-hire Jerry Mayo. As usual, my Big Boss (BB) didn’t want to trust me in this long drive. Instinct too? You bet. Hahahaha… 
Our agreed upon rendezvous was in Save More at Mendez junction. Did I worry about my hazy sense of direction? Not one iota! I’m always in good hands when Jerry is at the wheel. Thus, before the clock struck at 9:00 A.M., we were already positioned near the store. A few minutes later, Sir Paul arrived. We exchanged a quick greeting and returned to our respective vehicles for the accomplishment of my business there in Tagaytay City. But first, we had to have that twenty-minute drive to Altenblut, the location of the main kennel. Sans the traffic, it was an enjoying drive from where we waited as we tailed our host’s black Ford Ranger.
When we crossed the Nasugbu welcome arc, I realized that our destination would be in a different city. 





The sweet rustic smell became pungent as we followed the road. I sucked in the air with gusto! In places like this, the child of nature in me is always enkindled.
As we entered the high-fenced property after tackling a couple of steep climbs, I began feeling the crescendo of excitement…


… and it continued to escalate as this jaw-dropping view welcomed us. 


Had I been anointed at once by the very warm, gracious and hospitable owner (thanks to the fresh buko juice and the biscuits), I could have requested to stay longer. But nah! My business there is clear and simple: View the prospective German Shepherd puppies and their parents, perform the simple “tests” on the litter and relay whatever my observations are to my BB. Yes, my mission had to be carried out first the moment we were led to the spot where the two adorable pups were enclosed in a low circular wire exercise fence.
At this point, let the photos do the talking and judge for yourself if I were successful in fulfilling my job despite being tightly guarded by the puppies’ father, Schadow. 


The male litter, registered under the name Ferro,  passed the test with flying colors! I was about to clap if I didn’t remember that I was still carrying him. He-he. 
Then, I proceeded with my assignment by asking Sir Paul if I could see the Dam. It was of course granted. 

The sight I witnessed between the mother and her two puppies was a tug on my heartstrings. It was a poignant family reunion. 



Having performed all the tests which Larry told me to do, I welcomed Sir Paul’s invite to take a look at his other German Shepherd dogs. 
Perro Paraíso  (Dog Paradise)! I gushed.  


Paul S.M. Ortiz,  who I learned is coincidentally a San Beda College Alabang High School ’87 alumnus and also a runner, is blessed beyond measure.
Look what running after your true passion can do to your life. Amazing and inspiring indeed! 
We returned to the puppies and had my round two of building an alliance with Ferro, this time under the watchful eye of his mother Adela. 
Tsararan… here’s the new version of a “Mother and Child” painting. Hahahaha…
collage gsdM
collage gsdM2
In reality, it was no sweat for a “mau” (feline/cat) to connect with a hound in so short a time.
Sir Paul continued entertaining all my queries until I received a positive response about the big possibility of selling the female litter to us if we would want it though I informed him via email that our first preference was really a male GSD.  Putting down Ferro who seemed to have mistaken me now for his mom, I directed my attention to the female litter whose registered name slipped my mind. 





The kiss and the lick are obviously her profound expressions of likeness of me. I was tempted not to release her anymore. But, our visit has to come to its conclusion, and we have to finalize our decision before making a big mistake and suffering from the agony of having sleepless nights. This I will unequivocally not allow.  









Mark my word. I will return! logo-without-border1

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