The Domino Effect

LIFE becomes more meaningful if you mean something in somebody’s life. 

This was my musing today after administering the final examinations in my EN 101 and EN 103 classes. 
With Miracle Aranda, a working student/tae kwon do enthusiast (image source:
Seeking the comfort of our office right after administering my final requirement to my 10:30 – 12:00 P.M. Speech Communication class, I didn’t know that a couple of my BAIS (Bachelor of Arts in International Studies) Communication Skills students – Ashley, Alexa, Irene, Johanz, Mary Grace, and Kyle – secretly cooked up something for me!
My super sweet “stress busters” — Ashley, Alexa, Irene, Johanz, Mary Grace, and Kyle
Appreciated and loved — two of the best consolations of a teacher
They handed me a bouquet, a box of yummy brownies (which happened to be my favorite but I’m sure I didn’t mention this to them or insinuated about it), and heartwarming messages of gratitude and love after dramatically coming out from the adjacent washroom one by one. Their “script” included a male classmate doing an overture for these young ladies while I waited outside the Education Department after being informed that someone wanted to see me. 




I was initially speechless but became ecstatic with this rare display of thoughtfulness from college students. Frankly, I’m not used to this in the tertiary level unlike in the intermediate level where this has been a practice every special event (i.e., Teachers’ Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.) in the school where I taught for 18 years. Finding my voice at last, I thanked them profusely and had a photo op with them until I could feel that I was turning a little mushy. I quickly bid my goodbye before the “emotional mau” in me was revealed. To add, I was not sure whether my mascara was indeed waterproof. Hahahahaha…
Seriously, these students’ surprise was a welcome aid in counteracting the level of tension and stress which I have been fighting for the past days. It seemed everything volatilized that when I entered BSAT-2A (Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology), the third class which was scheduled to have their final examination, I radiated so much animation and happiness! This illumination even went beyond our classroom…







… and continued on when I reached our simple abode.



No doubt, our dogs (with their almost unstoppable yelping when they saw me) and my three sons (each giving me a kiss and tight hug when they arrived) were struck by the positive energy which emanated from me.

And without question, this is the very same source that propelled me to pen this maiden October article for my partly “abandoned” WJ. logo-without-border1

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