My Run’s Sights, Sounds and Tastes

“I am back. Red carpet and drum roll please.”

This is what I silently uttered when I reunited with one of my favorite training grounds yesterday, September 12. It has been four months since I last romanced with the route at BF Homes, Paranaque City.
Obviously, I missed the sights and the sounds along the way that it was only yesterday when I decided to pay attention to these visual and aural morning felicities.







These delights did serve as my booster to accomplish a 7.17k run despite a fluctuating pace. 
For me who has declared a break (at one point I thought it would already be a permanent one) from running because of reasons which I’d rather not recall, congratulated and treated myself at The Swiss Deli for this accomplishment (read related post at




Frankly, it took me awhile convincing myself to wear my running gear once more. The four-month lull seemed to be eons ago for me that I felt like making baby steps again. But this passion has already been ingrained in my system that in due time, I would have the hang of it. 
A six-kilometer run last Friday and a 7.17-kilometer run yesterday? Not a bad back-to-back jousting for WJ. 

Soonest, I hope to make it full blown, pound the pavement incessantly and go back to old habits that are meant to die hard.



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