Erasing the Stigma of Diversity

The culminating activity of the “Buwan Ng Wika 2015” (National Language Month 2015) on September 4 is another milestone in my life.

buwan ng wika all 020

After years of donning the Muslim national regalia every time there is a Filipino Program, I have decided to shift  in my regionalist affiliation. Starting this year, I will represent the T’boli indigenous people. 

buwan ng wika all 007

buwan ng wika all 015

buwan ng wika all 063

buwan ng wika all 074


Looking more of a royal T’boli princess, I think I have to thank my very thoughtful, generous and supportive sponsor for picking this for me. Well, I was still able to visually convince the Benedictine community of my new assumed ethnicity from head to toe. I even proudly flaunted it with two colleagues in the College of Arts and Sciences when we strutted on the catwalk during the Fashion Show of the different Philippine traditional attires. 

buwan ng wika all 203buwan ng wika all 218

Our joining the frosh models on stage marked this event something to talk about. Obviously, Ms. Cynthia Manalo and Mr. Algene De Guzman are likewise illustrious members of their respective tribes. 

buwan ng wika all 274

Certainly, this year’s celebration is one-of-a-kind as the participants in the modelling segment came in their best Philippine traditional and modern clothes. 

buwan ng wika all 144

buwan ng wika all 133

buwan ng wika all 119

We got so little time to rehearse and prepare for this spot, but we were all rhapsodic with the very warm reception and sincere appreciation of the audience. Admittedly, this is one job in the college department which I would gladly take annually in spite of a shot up in my stress level. Hahaha…

On a serious note, this observance will always be an opportunity for me to erase the stigma of diversity with these natives from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao even for a day. 

An Igorot
An Igorot
Modern Filipiniana dress
Modern Filipiniana dress
Barong Tagalog
Barong Tagalog
buwan ng wika all 081
The Muslim

buwan ng wika all 109

buwan ng wika all 249


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