Hello, Mother!


I have found the long lost mother of my kokeshi dolls. Never did I know that she was just silently waiting for me to discover her at Omakase Japanese Cuisine in Molito, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.


If not for the change of venue for my long delayed lunch date with Miss Merly and Suzette, my best friends in San Beda, I would not have the slightest idea that my collection’s kindred can be found in this Japanese diner. 


I was overjoyed seeing these sizable colorful kokeshi. 
Disgruntled of just admiring them from afar, I had to go up the staircase and took a closer photo of them. 







I had the Jack Nicholson’s smile when I returned to our table but not after seeing another kokeshi doll which was singly displayed near a table that was already occupied by a family. I had to excuse myself to be able to get her picture. 


When I joined my companions, they were as jubilant as I was since they are aware of  this hobby of mine. 

This encounter with these kokeshi added to the gratification which we had after nine months of not seeing  Suzette. 


And similar to our past reunions, our August 31 will be as meaningful as they are because we made a pact that we, the Tres Marias (coincidentally and endearingly called “Mothers” by our close male friends in the College of Arts and Sciences), will tightly guard and sustain our one-of-a-kind friendship.



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